Here’s the biogs of the film characters.

A charismatic property developer, neglectful husband and father. Charlie has benefited form a good education and following a spell in the city and inherited and expanded his father’s business. However, Charlie has overleveraged himself with one deal too many deal too many right at the onset of the property collapse and has already lost most of his business and his wife’s family property to the bank. Hanging on by a thread, Charlie needs the renovation of the apartment to succeed if he is going to save his wife’s family home and probably his marriage. His family are disillusioned; his past success has come with the sacrifice of a close family relationship. Construction in the apartment is not going smoothly, there is a saboteur, which he suspects to be his unruly upstairs neighbour, artist and squatter. Belatedly realising what is important to him – his family, Charlie is struggling to keep all the plates spinning as the clock runs against him.

A protégé and loyal employee of Charlie, Richard seems to be increasingly distant since the demise of the business and is looking to strike out on his own. A completely self made man, Richard envies Charlie’s easy charm and privileged upbringing which contrasts to his rough and ready honest to goodness work ethic. Richard has always had a thing for Silvia whom he has seen Richard take for granted and has won her over with his attentive nature. Richard has always felt condescended to and underestimated by Charlie and Sylvia’s` betrayal is a victory which is a secret pleasure form him, while his business motives are somewhat murky.

An ex doctor who gave up practice to concentrate on building her family and helping with her husband’s business, Sylvia views the demise of Charlie’s company as more than just a corporate failure. After years of neglect she is struggling to reconcile her feelings of betrayal with the impending loss of her family home with her feelings for Charlie. Silvia has always bemoaned Charlie’s lack of involvement as husband and father. While she can see he is trying to put this right it may be too little too late. Sylvia is having an affair with Richard, Charlie’s key employee. She doesn’t quite understand how it started and Richard is not exactly her type but Richard was attentive at time when Charlie was invisible.

The Artist
Enigmatic, turbulent and somewhat anti-social he is possessing of a singular belief in his purpose. The artist has little time for the world at large and lesser yet for social conventions or pleasantries. He is largely amoral and as destructive in his art as he is creative. While not outwardly aggressive he has little regard awareness for the effect what some may consider as his anti social behaviour has on those around. He has no moral objection to squatting illegally in the apartment upstairs. Above all he is genuine artist who creates art for no other reason than itself and who will fight his corner and his right to be