Angela plays 3rd lead in Nick Lean’s feature film ‘Dead End’ with Wil Johnson and Jamie Foreman. ‘Dead End’ had a UK theatrical release in January 2013. It won the best feature film at the Black International Film Festival and was in the official selection for Washington and Marbella Film Festivals. She has recently acted in a two-hander pilot for a co-production with Kudos and The Bush Theatre called ‘The Shop’ with the comedian Lloyd Griffith. ‘The Shop’ is on the Kudos website.

You can also watch her on-line playing the mother in ‘Unwatchable’, a hard hitting film for a major campaign about humanitarian abuses in the DRC. Other recent roles on camera include a care-worker in ‘Raymond’ with Leonard Fenton; the mother of the lead in ‘Sophia’s Diary’ for ‘Fiver’; a theatre director in ‘The Savage Canvas’ with Julian Barrett and a rogue reporter in Fact Not Fiction’s feature ’31 North 62 East’ with John Rhys-Davies and Alison Radcliffe, a corporate trouble shooter in their second feature ‘A Dark Reflection’, filmed Summer 2013.

Now that ‘The Warehouse’ has finished Angela is looking forward to playing Mrs Fraser in Philip L Milne’s feature ‘Daementia’.

Angela Dixon playing Sylvia

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