What We Got Right.

Having Two Directors
Splitting the role of director into mainly directing the actors and mainly directing the camera/look worked for us as with such a low budget we were always up against time. Having only half a day on a location quite often left us set dressing right up to the last minute and only choosing the camera positions right before filming. With Andrew spending time with the actors on set and me sorting out the crew optimised our work. Any actor notes I would have on set would be past on only to Andrew so as not to have the actors dealing with 2 sets of comments.

Script Read Throughs and Rehearsals
Another advantage of having 2 directors is that Andrew had sometime to do read throughs with the actors and get them to amend the script to how they think the lines should work. Also just setting up a full script read through right at the start got everyone use to eack other and was good for me and Andrew to hear the whole script for the first time.

We’ve always set up our casting sessions in a profesional manner, using good locations that are easy to get to and are professional spaces eg. booking a rehearsal space or an office and trying not to run them with just one or two people. We always supply some catering and try to have someone that can read opposite the actor incase only one person turns up at a time. Ideally we try to see actors in pairs that can read a scene together, we then call back those we like and try them in pairs again. Getting a good balance between the whole cast is very important not just picking the best performance at the time. For us on this project we needed a beliveable family unit so seeing them together was important.

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