Structural Script Development…then!

Card sorting and a structural approach to script development.

Me and Andrew developed the script together using a card sorting system that puts each scene on an index card and you lay them all out on a table to see how things progress using the standard 3 act structure model.

Stephen takes the script apart.
After a couple of months of working this way we had a first draft that we were reasonably happy with. We then had Stephen, our script consultant, read it through and give us his feedback. He took the script apart and came up with a lot of very valid point as to why the script didn’t really work. A lead character that wasn’t very interesting and just had things happening to him so was very passive etc. After working with Steve we came up with a new plan for the script but now we had very little time because we had already but a production schedule together for initial filming. Andrew then went away to rewrite the script in a couple of weeks as we prepare for the shoot.

See How to Write a Script in Two Weeks post.

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