“A taut and swirling portrait of betrayal and self-destruction. An ambitious and gripping film.” John Conroy, BAFTA nominated producer-director.


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Impressive Debut

Matt Gallagher Founder & MD of thecallsheet.co.uk

Saw a screening of this film recently and thought it to be an impressive debut feature. An unsettling story and well executed with natural performances. Worth watching the film and worth watching the team behind the film for the future. thecallsheet.co.uk
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Starring a high profile cast including:

Julian Lee (‘JACK SAID’, BAFTA Award winning short ‘NO MORE SHALL WE PART‘).

Angela Dixon (‘DEAD END’, with Wil Johnson and Jamie Foreman)

Sam Redford (Kathryn Bigelow’s Oscar winning ‘THE HURT LOCKER’ and ‘K19 THE WIDOWMAKER’)

A high calibre production team includes:

Christopher Hughes our cinematographer, DOP on several of Derek Jarman’s feature films and pop promos.

Tony Palmer, Emmy award winning and Bafta nominated Editor.  Tony is a long term collaborate with Nicolas Roeg, editing his last feature film ‘Puff Ball’ and also working on ‘Performance’, Nic’s first feature as director.